Meredith’s Class of 2019 is Going Strong Right from the Start

Meredith College held Move-In Day for the Class of 2019 on August 15, 2015, welcoming more than 440 new first-year students. The Class of 2019 is the third largest freshman class to enroll at Meredith in the last seven years.

The Meredith community, represented by students, faculty, staff, and alumnae, greeted the new students as they arrived on campus.

Heilman Residence Hall Director Alicia LaMotte said, “The campus atmosphere is what makes Meredith's Move-In Day special. From the moment that our students pull onto campus they, along with their families, are welcomed. From the balloon arch to being greeted by their RA as they enter their new home, everyone can feel the buzz of excitement on campus.”

Members of this class come from 19 states and 12 countries, including China, Colombia, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe.

The Class of 2019, like all Meredith students, will benefit from StrongPoints®, an innovative advising and personal coaching model that is a defining element of the Meredith educational experience.

 “StrongPoints teaches the value of setting goals, determining passions and priorities, and then planning throughout one's education and life experiences,” Meredith President Jo Allen  said. “The StrongPoints strategy makes clear to each student that this is a personal journey, focusing on individual strengths, passions, goals, resources, and decisions.” 

Meredith students begin the StrongPoints experience early in their Meredith career, during the first few days of Orientation. Students complete StrengthsFinder online, and on the Monday of orientation, they participate in a Strengths 101 session.

Candice Webb, director of StrongPoints, says this helps students interpret the assessment results, start identifying their strengths, and find ways to apply their strengths during the first semester.

“It is important to introduce students to their strengths right away so that they can have that tool in their arsenal as they work through all of the challenges and opportunities they’ll encounter as new students,” Webb said.  “We’ve found that a focus on strengths, as soon as students arrive on campus sets the tone for students.  It communicates to students that we know they’re bringing talents and strengths with them to Meredith and that we’re going to invest the time and effort to help them develop those strengths and become even stronger.”

Meredith Expects Strong Enrollment
The College’s total student population is expected to be around 1,950 students, marking the second year in a row that Meredith’s total student population has increased. When the 2015-16 academic year begins on August 19, Meredith expects more than 670 new undergraduate and graduate students. 

These new students are beginning their Meredith educations in a historic year. The 2015-16 academic year will be a special one in the life of Meredith College, as our community celebrates 125 years since the College’s founding in 1891.

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