Meredith MBA Hosts Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Event

Meredith MBA students, faculty, staff, and alumni were joined by business professionals from local and national companies at the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event, held on Meredith’s campus on Monday, April 8.

The monthly Business After Hours events provide valuable opportunities for Raleigh Chamber members to expand their networks and build their connections in the business community.

According to Interim Associate Dean & Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship Nathan Woolard, who spoke at the event, the collaboration was a perfect fit for the Meredith MBA program.

“There’s the potential for great synergy between both audiences, providing Meredith an outlet for new MBA students, but also a dedicated business community to provide insight into shifting market interests and opportunities for new learning to explore,” said Woolard.

Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management Darren Masier also attended the event and was pleased with the variety of attendees.

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“The event showcased a diverse group of business people leading to engaging dialogue. We were pleased that president and CEO of the Raleigh Chamber and Meredith alumna, Adrienne Cole, also attended the event,” said Masier. He observed that the partnership with the Raleigh Chamber is likely to expand with the recent addition of hospitality management as both a major and minor in the School of Business.

According to Steven Gutierrez, sales manager for Hampton Inn and Suites in downtown Raleigh, the event was a great way to meet other industry leaders. Gutierrez said he enjoyed hearing about the new programs Meredith is offering as well as the event location in the historic rotunda of Johnson Hall, commenting on the “beautiful architecture.”

“For me these events are beneficial because they provide the opportunity to work together with local professionals and find new ways to add value to each other,” said Gutierrez. “Raleigh has such a strong community focus and fosters an environment where professionals are able to work together and help each other achieve their goals collectively.”

Woolard said he values the increasingly strong connection Meredith is building with the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

“The Meredith MBA intends to train and educate the next generation of community business leaders, many of which we expect to provide significant service to the Chamber and business community at large. It’s truly a symbiotic relationship.”

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