Meredith Hosts Young Adult Literature Book Club

On Tuesday, March 25, Associate Professor of English Kelly Roberts’ English 320 class in young adult literature (YAL) hosted a book club of Johnston County high school juniors and seniors. The event was held in the Chapel Common Room and was attended by approximately 50 students, faculty, and staff.

The book club, organized after school by the Clayton High School media coordinator Deanne Holcombe, boasts 37 members, and students enjoyed a day of learning about YAL titles from both Quail Ridge Books and the YAL enthusiasts at Meredith.

After a few comments from Roberts on the status of YAL, the students shared titles and authors they were reading and exploring. The suggestions ranged from classic to contemporary, and the Meredith students were amazed at how much these high school students were reading, how articulate they were about these titles, and how much potential they had for actively engaging in campus life and discussions when they became college students themselves.

Roberts commented on the expansive vocabulary used by both her students and the high school visitors. “Their syntax affirms what the literature suggests, that incidental vocabulary increases exponentially the more you read engaging and challenging books at this very important time in their development,” she said. “We know that when millenials get excited about something, they become sponges; today’s discussion is certainly proof, and it was interesting to see how these two groups could engage in a high level discussion about books, some of which they have read in common and others they hadn’t.”

—Submitted by Associate Professor of English Kelly Roberts

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