Meredith Ensemble Theatre to Present Measure for Measure

The Meredith Ensemble Theatre (MET) production of William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure  continues through October 5, 2014, in Studio Theatre of Jones Hall.

Performances on October 3 and 4 begin at 7:30 p.m., and on Sunday, Oct. 5 the matinee performance begins at 3 p.m.

Measure for Measure is one of Shakespeare’s ‘problem plays,’ first produced in 1604 when his work was becoming more complicated, fusing comedy and tragedy. The play includes some comic relief and it ends happily, but there are elements that aren’t comedic,” explained Professor of Theatre Catherine Rodgers, who is directing the production.

The MET production changes the roles of the Duke and Escalus - two of the leading characters - into roles for women. This adaptation, which was first produced by Minneapolis-based theatre company Ten Thousand Things, includes roles for six women and four men. 

MET frequently includes Shakespeare’s work in their seasons because of the enduring quality of his plays.

“Shakespeare seems to capture the human existence like no other playwright, and he wrote about universal themes that we all deal with, and that are still applicable 400 or 450 years later.”

The universal nature of Shakespeare’s work allows for a change in the time period used in the production.

“We are putting our own spin on the production, keeping the setting in Vienna, Austria, as Shakespeare wrote it, but in the mid-19th century rather than during the Elizabethan period,” Rodgers said. “It still has a period feel, but not in the Elizabethan era, because Shakespeare’s work is so universal.”

Rodgers said the audience should expect a fun theatre experience.

“The students and the rest of the cast are working hard to make the play understandable and relatable to the audience,” Rodgers said. “Our cast has a strong grasp on what the play is about.”

Tickets: Free for Meredith students, faculty & staff; $10 general admission, $5 for seniors and non-Meredith students. For reservations call (919) 760-2830 or email

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