Meredith College Housing Updates 2024

Research shows living on campus provides numerous benefits to students, including greater likelihood to make friends and be involved in the community. As students make housing plans for the next academic year, the Office of Residence Life shares some recent updates.

Expanded Lease Options for The Oaks
As students sign up to live in The Oaks student apartments for the 2024-25 year, they will have a wider range of lease options to consider. There are three options:

  • Students can opt for a nine-month/academic year lease; 
  • a lease that is nine months with a later “add on” of summer; 
  • and a full 12-month lease. The 12-month lease offers the benefit of a $500 cost break if the student signs their lease ahead of August 2024, which is the Oaks’ move-in period for fall 2024.  

“Meredith College has decided to offer this range of lease options to allow more flexibility since students do not always know their summer plans during the housing sign-up process,” said Dean of Students Ann Gleason. “Students have expressed enthusiasm for these additional lease options and occupancy is already projected to be higher for the 2024-25 academic year.”

Additional Graduate Housing Options
Meredith is expanding its on-campus housing options to include graduate students. Female graduate/post-baccalaureate students will be eligible to live in The Oaks student apartments. Male students in these programs will be eligible to live in the Moore House, which is a furnished home located on campus near the Massey House, the president’s residence.

These options will be available as early as summer 2024. Only a limited number of spaces will be available to full-time enrolled students. Graduate students living in Meredith College housing will follow the same residence life and College policies as undergraduate residents of the Oaks. 

“The new graduate housing offerings are a result of listening and responding to the needs of students in Meredith’s graduate degree and post-baccalaureate certificate programs,” said Director of Graduate Programs Monica McKinney.

New Director of Residence Life
Meredith welcomed Amanda Morales as its new director of the Office of Residence Life this year. She brings housing and residence life experience at several institutions holding various roles. She has experience at all levels of the field, starting with three years as a resident assistant and progressing to four years as a director of housing before becoming Meredith’s director of residence life in December 2023. Morales has invested in professional development and often held leadership roles in organizations including the Southeast and Southwest Associations of College and University Housing Professionals, the Southern Association for College Student Affairs, and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.

Morales was attracted to the director of residence life position because of the community offered at Meredith.

“The primary things that interested me in Meredith were that it was private, small, and had a ton of traditions,” said Morales. “I had previously worked at a small school and really missed the community that I had found there. I am from South Carolina, so the opportunity to be closer to home was also appealing.”

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