Malice in Wonderland: The Library’s Annual Murder Mystery

Usually people try to run away from things that go bump in the night, but that was not the case for about 50 Meredith students on Friday, February 12.  Despite the threat of snow and frigid temperatures, CCL hosted its annual Murder Mystery. The theme this year was appropriately Malice in Wonderland. The wonderful staff at CCL, the English department, and students volunteered their time to become Wonderland suspects … sorry, characters, for our students to accuse or excuse.

In attendance was the Queen of the Hearts, Alice herself, the White Rabbit, who helped us not to start late, the Cheshire Cat, the chilled out Caterpillar, several “cards,” and the Mad Hatter (dutiful played by Ted Waller, even though he retired several weeks ago). The new Media Services Assistant, Megan Otto, was there to capture the action. The evening kicked off at 10 p.m. when the students flooded into the library and briefly posed for a group photo. After the students divided up into teams and got their first clue, the event was off to running start, literally, as students were soon darting up and down the stairs and all around the library.

The students tried to solve clues to see who was responsible for Cheshire Cat’s murderous demise. The clues had students using the library’s catalog, books and databases to uncover who killed the cat, with what, and where. The students were armed with the flashlights to navigate the dark and needed to use critical thinking to solve their clues. The clues took the students to every floor of the library and even had them visiting a “mushroom” on the top floor where the caterpillar was doling out non-sequiturs and clues.

Around 11:15 p.m. groups were finishing up and enjoying the delicious mad hatter cookies, croquet cheese sticks, and tea sandwiches provided by Oak Leaf Catering. The bell was rung at 11:30 p.m. and all of the characters and “investigators” gathered on the ground floor. Eventually after all the groups gave their guesses for who killed the Cheshire Cat and Alice was found to be the guilty party. She was led away by the cards with Queen yelling, in true form, “Off with her head!”

The Cast for Malice in Wonderland 2016:
Alice: Micaela Windom
Caterpillar: Jackie Manning
Cheshire Cat: Samantha Sherlin
Crazy Eight of Hearts Card: Thais Bonilla
Mad Hatter: Ted Waller
Narrator and Ace of Spades: Amanda Sullivan
Queen of Hearts: Donna Garner
White Rabbit: Jake Vaccaro
Lights: Megan Otto
Sound Effects: Megan Otto
Photographer: Megan Otto        

Submitted by Amanda Sullivan, research and instruction librarian, Photos by Megan Otto

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