Let There Be Light!

A new outdoor area lighting project was recently completed. Funds were raised by The Parents Fund, an annual giving program for parents, to be used for improved outdoor area lighting. 

With the funds that were raised, we were able to purchase and install 21 LED light fixtures, identical to the fixtures that were previously installed in the Belk courtyard.  These LED fixtures give out twice the level of lighting as the fixtures that were replaced, and use fifty seven percent of the energy. 

The areas that were improved are west of the Cate/Park Center and Gaddy Hamrick, between the commuter parking lots and the buildings, and along West Campus Drive.

The second area of improved lighting is the drive coming in from Faircloth Street.  Another seven LED lights purchased at State auction were installed there.

The new lighting improves security in high traffic areas while saving energy.

Submitted by Dave Lyons, Meredith Energy Manager

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