Let the Library Help you De-stress and Stay Healthy during Finals and the Holidays  

As everyone is giving themselves that final push to get through finals, don’t forget to take time for yourself to recharge, stay healthy and de-stress. With extra studying, researching, and grading, and the holidays around the corner, stress levels can definitely increase during this time of year. And, while the library has resources to help you with research, we also have resources to help you de-stress and stay healthy in the midst of all of your hard work.

The library has over 160 titles including print, eBooks, and streaming videos on stress management. If you have been wanting to try yoga or breathing exercises we have resources you can utilize. One of our newer yoga books is Every Body Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley you can check from our new books selection on the main floor.  A new ebook we’ve added is The Worry-Free Mind (and who doesn’t want one of those) by Carol Kershaw who is a licensed mental health clinician. She applies neuroscience and writes about how to calm the stress spin cycle, and discover a happier, more productive you. Another book grounded in neuroscience and mindfulness, to fight stress in a healthy way, is In This Moment: Five Steps to Transcending Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroscience. You can check more of the library’s stress management titles here, and even if you don’t have to time to read these books before the holidays, perhaps a new year’s resolution is calling.

Along with yoga to stay mentally and physically healthy, we have books to aid with healthy eating over the holidays. For the Love of Food and Yoga: A Celebration of Mindful Eating and Being,  is a collection of time-tested yoga teachings paired with 100 original, soul-satiating recipes that are vegetarian, vegan, or raw. Even if you can’t give up your favorite holiday feasts and treats, you can always read through The Whole30 Cookbook or How to Cook Everything Vegetarian to balance out those more decadent meals while you are celebrating the season.

When you are back on campus between the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, if you need a quiet place to come on campus, the library will offer the service of being open for 24 hours starting on Sunday, December 3rd at 1pm. The 24 hour schedule will go through Saturday the 9th when we close at 10pm. We will reopen on Sunday and then will be open 24 hours through Thursday, December the 14th until 6pm.  If you feel like taking advantage of our beanbag chairs for a nap, or a study room to read or mediate in between grading, you will have ample opportunities during the days or until the wee hours of the mornings. Please check out our calendar online for all of our holiday hours and closings and of course the library wishes everyone the happiest of holidays!

Melyssa Allen

News Director
316 Johnson Hall
(919) 760-8087
Fax: (919) 760-8330