Facilities Services Customer Service Happy or Not Pilot

The Facilities Services Department is piloting a customer service tool that will quicken feedback and response time on how you rate our services. We have all received surveys in the mail, on our computers and in other ways. We sometimes just don’t have the time to respond, or by the time we do we have forgotten the experience. The people who serve us need that feedback as soon as possible, so they can make fast, informed decisions on how to serve you better.

The Happy or Not? tool is currently being used by several industries including Higher Education, Healthcare, Business and Industry, Sporting Arenas and various departments within those industries.

It is not meant to replace any of the current Customer Service Systems we use, but to enhance what we currently use by giving us real time information and asking one simple question, are you Happy or Not ?image of a machine that collects people's feedback

This can be accomplished in minutes and it gives us the time of day to the minute you respond to the question. This allows us to respond almost immediately, and to examine trends at almost any place on campus. It has a built in (tamper proof) system for those who like to push buttons, so the information stays clean.

There are two different monitors, one is an analog and the other is a digital, that allow you to provide specific comments about your rating to better enable us to pinpoint specific problem areas.  We will be moving these machines around campus so you may see them in a classroom, a hallway, a bathroom or other area. We hope you will take the time respond to the question for that day.

Please feel free to contact Facilities Services if there are any questions. We hope you are happy with your Meredith College experiences and we look forward to your feedback.

Melyssa Allen

News Director
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