Eloise Grathwohl Receives the Friends of the Library Faculty Award

Many mornings and afternoons you can spot Professor of English Eloise Grathwohl, the 2016 Library Faculty Award winner, huddled up preparing for her classes in one of the library study rooms.

Part of her class preparation is creating assignments that will engage her students with our library resources. Not only can her current students attest to her love of our library, but as one of her former students I can as well. I remember coming to the library for her classes to research the history of an Old English word and Chaucer’s female characters. She also uses her knowledge of the library to help her thesis students take advantage of specialized library services like the extended loan periods for their work.

Any librarian is also fortunate when partnered with her for our information literacy (IL) classes. She is a strong advocate for information literacy and stresses to her students the importance of the research process. She works with the librarians on the IL assignments to ensure her students can meet with success while using our resources to complete their research.

It is for all of these reasons we chose to award Eloise Grathwohl the library faculty award at our Friends of the Library dinner in October.

— Submitted by Amanda Sullivan, Research and Instruction Librarian

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