Doyle Wins National Award for Administrative Excellence

Mary Doyle, administrative assistant for Meredith’s Honors Program, has won the National Collegiate Honors Council's 2016 Award for Administrative Excellence.

The award reads “The National Collegiate Honors Council is proud to recognize you for excellence in administrative assistance. Thank you for your dedication in raising the standards of honors education.”

The following is an excerpt from the letter of nomination:

Honors Program Director Brent Pitts shared the following anecdote as an example of Doyle’s support for the program.

“As an illustration of Mary’s resourcefulness, I offer the following anecdote. Last September, the destination of our Honors Fall trip was Annapolis, Maryland. During the trip to Annapolis, I was mortified to discover that I had forgotten the Circulator shuttle tickets for our group of 75. What to do? Mary had an answer: she called the Circulator office from our bus, as we neared Annapolis, and had duplicate tickets delivered to the front desk of our hotel. The tickets were waiting for us when we arrived.”

—Submitted by Brent Pitts, Honors Program director

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