CSA Day Spotlights Student Success

Immigration. Aquatic biodiversity. Sports photography. These were just a few of the myriad research topics covered at Meredith College’s 2016 Celebrating Student Achievement (CSA) Day.

More than 120 undergraduate students participated in the annual event, which is designed to highlight the breadth and depth of undergraduate research taking place at the College. In addition to student research presentations, CSA day also features performances, creative projects, and other activities that showcase student success.

“CSA Day is an opportunity to see the hard work students and their faculty mentors have put into research,” said Meredith Provost Matthew Poslusny during his remarks at the morning poster session. He likened faculty research mentors to Olympic coaches, saying faculty work tirelessly with their students.

For the students, participating in CSA Day is a chance to share the fruits of their labor and gain valuable presentation experience. A number of the student researchers, like Kerrigan Gudger, ’16, were delivering talks on their senior thesis projects. Student watching on as woman reviews presentation materials

“CSA Day gives us a great platform to share what we’ve learned at Meredith College and to demonstrate all that’s possible with a Meredith education,” Gudger said.

Chloe Locklear, ’19, said that the event also provides new students an opportunity to learn about the different departments at Meredith and find out what students are passionate about.

“There’s such diversity in the community that’s apparent through CSA day,” Locklear said. “I think that’s really cool. As an honors student I’ll be doing an honors thesis. I’m excited to do my own research and am getting some ideas for that, today, too.”

Paul Winterhoff, professor of human environmental sciences and director of general education and undergraduate research at Meredith, is one of the organizers of the event. He declared the day to be a success.

“The energy was positive and upbeat despite the rainy weather,” he said. “The quality of oral presentation skills is consistently high. The student presenters are skillful, expressive, they make eye contact, and they know the content. I also love our variety at CSA Day. It’s good research, on topics that are immediate and relevant to people right now,” Winterhoff said.

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