Community Connector: Kylene Dibble, ’03

Meredith taught me to be passionate. It really doesn’t matter what the issue at hand is, at Meredith, people give it their all.

Kylene Dibble, ’03, is an educator and a connector who uses her social work education to support PLM Families Together (PLM FT), a non-profit that provides housing and comprehensive services for families experiencing homelessness in Wake County, N.C.

PLM FT’s mission includes addressing homelessness as a community. As community engagement coordinator, Dibble coordinates volunteer groups who want to care for the PLM FT property or to be involved with families.

One of her responsibilities is to organize family activities and workshops. A recent example is a series of monthly financial literacy programs presented by a local bank. The series was the result of a connection Dibble made for PLM FT.

“I am very good at making a link between the issues I care about and the people who want to do something about [these issues],” Dibble said. “I truly enjoy working directly with clients, but what I enjoy even more is educating the community about how to get involved with the population I work with, rather than always doing things for them.”

Educating the community about how they can make a difference is an important part of her work.

“I love educating people about causes of family homelessness, about issues specific to homeless families, and what PLM FT is doing to make a difference,” Dibble explained.

At Meredith, Dibble’s professors encouraged her to use their classes as a way to discover herself. She graduated feeling “well prepared for all that was next.”

“When I went to grad school to earn a Master of Social Work, I often felt frustrated that I wasn’t being challenged enough, because I was learning so many things that I had already learned at Meredith.”

Dibble credits her campus leadership activities for helping her find her niche. She was a resident assistant for three years, vice president of the Meredith Christian Association, and president of the social work club.

“I developed a lot of self-confidence, but also the ability to know what resources are available and how to make connections,” Dibble said. “Meredith taught me to be passionate. It really doesn’t matter what the issue at hand is, at Meredith, people give it their all.”

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of Meredith Magazine.

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