Become Even Stronger with Stronger U

Meredith College is now in its second year of implementing StrongPoints®, a strengths-based initiative aimed at helping students learn to develop a strong plan for success at Meredith and beyond. Through this initiative, students identify, develop, and apply their strengths in four areas-academic success, experiential involvement, financial literacy, and career planning.

While current Meredith students are experiencing the value of strengths-based learning, we know that women outside Meredith’s gates can also benefit from a focus on strengths. That opportunity is now available through Stronger U, a program for professional women in Raleigh community. Stronger U offers interactive workshops, facilitated by Meredith faculty and staff, that help participants understand their strengths and develop essential personal and professional skills.

The first Stronger U workshop was offered in October 2015 and focused on strengths-based leadership. Throughout the day, sessions were facilitated by Candice Webb, director of StrongPoints, Deborah Tippett, Meredith College professor and department head, and President Jo Allen. Participants spent the morning in discussions and activities focused on individual strengths, and in the afternoon, participants learned how to use their strengths in their roles as leaders in the workplace, in their homes, and in the community.

Stronger U workshops are already scheduled for the spring covering topics such as career advancement, strategies for campaigning for political office, and community engagement. The next opportunity is a workshop on money management on Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016. Learn your strengths, and find out how these strengths relate to the basics of money management during this one-day session.

Workshops are also being scheduled for fall 2016, and we welcome your input. If you have ideas of topics you’d like to see us address through Stronger U, please email them to us at You may also find more information, and details on registering for a Stronger U workshop, at our website 

-- By Candice Webb, Director, StrongPoints®

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