Article by President Allen Explains Importance of Women’s Colleges

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In a recent article published by University Business, President Jo Allen, ’80, argues that women’s colleges have moved far beyond their initial function in providing women access to a college education – they now play a key role in helping women, and their communities, flourish. According to Allen, although a number of women’s colleges have closed or gone co-ed, those such as Meredith that are thriving are doing so because of their ability to evolve and meet the changing needs of both their students and society as a whole.

Allen notes that women’s colleges have evolved in a variety of ways. At Meredith, a focus on planning through StrongPoints®, the College’s individualized coaching and advising model, is teaching students the power of effective planning and follow through.  And, observes Allen, the positive outcomes at women’s colleges are undeniable.

“Graduates report being more prepared for leadership, are more likely to graduate in four years, are more likely to earn graduate degrees, and feel more prepared for life.”

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