Are you ready for the Election?

Throughout the fall semester, members of the Meredith community have joined us for Meredith Votes 2020, a series of insightful and engaging community conversations leading up to Election Day. Each session has been led by David McLennan, Meredith College Professor of Political Science and Director of the Meredith Poll.

Meredith Votes sessions have included community conversations regarding myths and misconceptions about voting, the current state of the presidential election, down ballot races, and much more. View recordings of prior sessions on our YouTube channel. Recordings of all future sessions will also be made available on this page.

If you are interested in joining us for one or all of the remaining sessions, please register here.

The final sessions of the Meredith Votes 2020 series include:

October 19: 1992? 2016? 2018? 2020? Is there ever going to be the “Year of the Woman” in politics?

October 26: The economy, COVID-19, Confederate statues—what are the issues driving voting decisions in 2020?

November 2: So, it’s almost Election Day—what’s next?

And, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 3. Whether you vote early or plan to vote on Election Day, please post an image of you with your I Voted sticker on your social media platform with #MeredithVotes2020 as well as on the Alumnae Facebook group. All entries will be submitted in a drawing for some Meredith giveaways.

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