Angels In Motion Implements Successful Changes

Angels in Motion (AIM), a subgroup of the Sports Science Association, is a club that makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle easier for students. AIM, which provides group exercise classes free of charge to Meredith students, has implemented a few changes over the last few years. This year, the changes were very important for the club’s success.

In 2016, classes were available to all Meredith students for a membership fee. This year, classes are offered free of charge and open to all students.

The opening of the Lowrey Fitness Center has also benefitted the club. The fitness center increased by 5,400 square feet and offers various cardio machines and six power lifting racks. Previously, the fitness center only had 10 cardio machines. The new fitness center provides more space for classes and opportunities for students to get involved.

Cooper Rodriguez, ’18, who is an exercise and sports science major, runs the club and teaches the core class for AIM. She is excited about the changes being made.

“Whenever I teach classes I always see students come in with their friends, and they relax and gain more confidence when working out,” Rodriguez said. “As they continue to grow and get more in shape, you can see them becoming more comfortable with exercising.”

In the past, classes were taught by students as well as instructors brought from off-campus. This year, all of the classes are taught by students. Instructor of Health, Exercise, and Sports Science Erica Roelofs believes that this has been valuable for the organization.

“With students teaching the classes, they are able to advertise on campus and students can be comfortable knowing a peer will be teaching them,” said Roelofs. “It makes it more personal for the students.”

AIM is a way that students can get involved on campus and continue to stay healthy. Rodriguez has seen the benefits of AIM and is confident this program is important to have on a college campus.

“Exercise is a positive thing in everyone’s life,” said Rodriguez. “It’s a good mood booster and a great outlet for college students to get rid of their stress.”

Emma Watson, ’18

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