Alumnae Association Has an Active Fall

As we approach the end of the year, I thought I would let you know what has been happening with the Alumnae Association — and me — since Move-In Day in August.

First of all, the Association Board made some changes to its Bylaws that we hope will make us a more active and engaged group of volunteers for Meredith.

We changed our Regional Director jobs to Members at Large and formed three committees under our three Vice Presidents—VP of Development, VP of Alumnae Affairs and VP of Student Affairs.

Our Alumnae Relations Department is becoming more involved with students as a result of the 1891 Club (Student Alumnae Association) and the handling of ring sales and distribution. We wanted to be sure we had a group of volunteers ready to help out Hilary Allen and her department when necessary.

The Student Affairs Committee will work with her on this as well as Move-In Day and Senior Send Offs across the state in the spring. Our Alumnae Affairs Committee will be able to assist with all Alumnae events including Reunion weekend and Homecoming next fall. The Development Committee will work with The Meredith Fund and our Class Agents to promote giving to the College in all its various forms.

As mentioned earlier, the Alumnae Relations department coordinated the sale of class rings to the Juniors this year. Since the Onyx was first worn by the Class of 1954, members of that class came to the Alumnae House when the Class of 2017 picked up their rings and told them about life at Meredith in the 1950s. It was a wonderful celebration and proof of the long history of sisterhood they were entering.

As for me, I was able to attend a wonderful event at The Chef and Farmer in Kinston where we had 68 of us come together for dinner and a private welcome by one of the owners. Alumnae came from all over the state which proves Meredith women will show up for a good meal!

In October I traveled to Orlando for the first ever chapter event there. We also held a meeting in Jacksonville the day before, thereby beginning what we hope will be a larger alumnae presence in Florida. We have a lot of alums in the Sunshine State and want to be sure they are meeting and assisting each other. I also went in November on the annual alumnae trip to New York City, where we had a reception with area alumnae and enjoyed the City before the prices took their Christmas climb! 

Finally, in October Meredith hosted a group of Alumnae Relations staff members and Association Presidents from six women’s colleges on the east coast. This group gathers every fall to exchange ideas and experiences---but the real take away from the meeting was how well Meredith is doing compared to our sister institutions. Almost all of those involved have resorted to taking men into their evening and online undergraduate programs in order to survive. And their enrollment continues to shrink. I realized how grateful I am that our alma mater has had the foresight and continued strong leadership to not only survive but to grow again. It was an eye-opening experience for me and gives me the added resolve to be sure Meredith continues to exist and thrive.

We will soon be entering our 125th Anniversary year and it will bring many wonderful events and opportunities for you to come back to campus and celebrate!  It begins in February so be on the lookout for more information and invitations.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season — see you in the New Year!

Claire Sullivan Slaughter, ’72, Alumnae Association President

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