A Stronger Focus on Global Fellowships

Many Meredith students are well-positioned to apply for prestigious global fellowships and scholarships such as the Fulbright, Marshall, and others. With greater encouragement by faculty and staff who are in a position to identify likely candidates, more students will apply, and thus be awarded these life-changing scholarships.

That’s the view of Honors Director Brent Pitts, who is leading an effort to expand the number of applicants. Pitts and other faculty representatives are available to help guide students through the application process, which can be lengthy and involved.

To support this endeavor, faculty members can familiarize themselves with the types of fellowships/scholarships available, especially as they pertain to particular academic disciplines. Faculty members should give particular attention to the fellowships/scholarships for which there is a campus representative.

Surprisingly, while students should be strong academically, their GPA is not always a factor, nor is their major. According to Pitts, the most desirable fellowship or scholarship candidates have the discipline, dedication, and drive to put together a convincing and engaging application.

“The application process can stretch out over six months, so it is definitely a ‘project.’ They need to have a vision and a work ethic that enables them to present themselves well in writing and during a face-to-face interview,” said Pitts.

Application deadlines vary. Faculty members should consult the global fellowships page for guidance, where information is broken out by fall and spring application timelines. Details can also be found on the Honors tab of MyMeredith, including a list of all faculty representatives.

Several Meredith students have been awarded Fulbright fellowships, most recently Katelyn Smith, who was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Mexico for 2016-17.

Pitts observed that applying for such fellowships has great value, even if students are not ultimately successful in their award.

“The process of applying for a global fellowship or scholarship identifies the applicant as a high-flyer – a student with ambition beyond courses, grades, and curriculum,” said Pitts. “Applicants who make the short-list are often encouraged to include this distinction on their curriculum vitae. In itself, the application process is a beneficial opportunity to articulate one’s vision.”

—By Gaye Hill

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