A Family Continues Their Education at Meredith College 

Amy Schroeder, ’24 (MBA), and her two children, Jack, ’26 (MBA), and Jenna, ’24, ’25 (MBA), are all pursuing a Master in Business Administration from Meredith College.

Jenna was the first Schroeder to enroll at Meredith in 2020. As a high schooler, several of her teachers were Meredith alumnae which piqued her interest in the College. The intimate class sizes, great scholarships, and various experiential opportunities ultimately led her to attend.  

During Jenna’s junior year, Amy began the MBA program. As an education consultant for career development and work-based learning with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, she works with middle and high school career development coordinators to ensure students are prepared for careers or college. 

“In my role, I strive to increase my knowledge of strategic planning, project management, and leadership styles to consult teachers and educators. The MBA is something that can help me do that while also helping me further develop professionally and continue to build connections in the community,” said Amy. 

Amy was familiar with Meredith not only through her daughter but also through numerous personal and professional connections. In 2011, while working as a career development coordinator at Wake County Public School System, she became interested in learning more about the next steps for students after high school. One of her colleagues connected her with the Office of Career Planning and she had the opportunity to job shadow there that summer. 

Additionally, Amy has volunteered several times at the annual Leadership Conference for High School Juniors and serves on boards alongside Meredith faculty and staff for organizations such as the North Carolina Career Development Association. 

“Meredith has always been a safe space for continual learning and personalized growth. It’s a place to learn and develop personally and professionally,” said Amy. 

Each night after her classes, Amy would enthusiastically share what she was learning about with her children. As a communications major, Jenna was already interested in pursuing the Accelerated MBA program. Listening to her mom gush about the MBA program solidified her choice to pursue it. 

“My mom has always emphasized the importance of lifelong learning. She was one of the reasons I chose to do the Accelerated MBA program,” said Jenna. “When she came home, she was so excited about what she learned in class and the small community that she had built.”

Jack, who at the time was a senior studying business administration at the University of Lynchburg, found these conversations thought-provoking and he too decided to apply to the MBA program at Meredith. 

“I want to be able to reach a certain level of personal satisfaction with my career and I think an MBA can get me there. It’s important to continually push yourself and keep your mind active,” said Jack. 

Currently, the three Schroeders are in the same MBA-630 (Managerial Accounting for Decision Makers) class. Living with their classmates has enriched their comprehension of the course content. “We get wired up and keep talking about the class,” said Jack. “It’s for sure bled into our family life.”

In an academic setting, they have the opportunity to discover different sides of each other. Amy recalled being impressed by her son when he presented in class. “The manner in which he commanded the room and articulated himself was impressive. It was a proud mom moment,” she said. “I’m learning from both of my children. It’s definitely a humbling experience. I’m cherishing and recognizing the impact and growth for us on this journey together.”

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