A Sense of Belonging – Rachael Hopkins

When students transfer to a new college or university, they sometimes worry about whether they will truly become a part of their new community.

But after transferring to Meredith, Rachael Hopkins, ’19, found her place right away and quickly became active in a variety of activities and organizations – so much so that she was able to help other students make a successful transition to Meredith.

She has thrived as a student worker for the Office of Admissions and in several related roles.

“By being involved in Admissions, being a student advisor, and student assistant for first year experience, I’ve had the opportunity to share my love for this school and this infallible sisterhood. I’ve reaped so much joy from being able to assist transfer and first-year students in their acclimation to Meredith.”

In her work with Admissions, Rachael developed a strong mentor/mentee relationship with Associate Director of Admissions Gina Wilner. Rachael said Gina helped her grow throughout her time at Meredith.

“She has really been able to help me put theory to life from the classroom to the real-world.”

A sense of belonging was one of the primary reasons Rachael made the decision to transfer.

“I came to Meredith because I was unhappy with my previous university experience and I was looking for a place to belong and feel a part of. Meredith welcomed me from the time I stepped on campus and made me a part of a family.”

That welcoming atmosphere extended into the classroom and student life programming. Rachael has participated in Meredith traditions including Cornhuskin’, Crook Hunt, and Class Day.

“I became motivated to participate in these activities because of my friends’ participation. Doing so enabled me to have closer relationships with my fellow students.”

As a natural leader, Rachael has also grown in her understanding of what it means to be successful.

“My most challenging experience at Meredith was recognizing that sometimes it is okay to be one of many versus having to excel in everything. The importance of being a team player versus being a team leader has its own merits.”

A business major and marketing minor, Rachael has been encouraged to explore a variety of academic interests.

“At Meredith, I’ve been able to focus on my academics in a welcoming environment with minimal distractions. Meredith inspires my creativity and intellectual curiosity.”

After graduation she plans to work in the business field and eventually earn her MBA. She leaves Meredith feeling well prepared for the next stage in her journey.

“Transferring to Meredith was one of the best decisions I could have made. The world of work is changing so quickly, but the education that I have received at Meredith has provided me the ability to adapt to the changing nature of the 21st century workforce.”