Advancing a Career in Business – Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans, ’19, decided to pursue his MBA to gain the skills and knowledge he needed to advance his career. Even before completing the program, his efforts paid off.

“After finishing my first year of the program, the Meredith MBA provided a significant salary increase from starting the program. It also positioned me well to advance in a managerial role due to being able to take on more complex projects and complete them confidently and efficiently.”

Matthew, who works for UNC REX Healthcare as a manager in financial planning and analysis, pursued the project management concentration. He said the program allowed him to grow, professionally and as a leader.

“I have a better understanding of how to lead by example – both by my actions and how I present myself. Through all of the group work, I have a deeper understanding of how to effectively work with others to accomplish a goal and get the best out of everyone involved.”

He observed the MBA coursework was rigorous, but manageable. (Bonus: it challenged him to improve his time management skills.)

“The course work gave me the ability to analyze deeper, think critically, and process large and complex data sets and turn them into meaningful and well thought-out conclusions and recommendations.”

Matthew noted that Meredith faculty recognize the demands that students face in balancing family, work, and studies, and accommodate students appropriately. And he appreciated their expertise, which is rooted in real-life experience.

“The professors couple academia with their own personal real world experience to prepare students for any type of challenge that presents itself. As students we could relate to their experiences and utilize their expertise to apply solutions in our everyday work.”

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