Equipped For New Challenges – Kristin Long

Growing up in a small rural town in Vance County, N.C., computer science major Kristin Long, ’17, never imagined herself pursuing a degree in a competitive technical field. But at Meredith she found an environment that equipped her to take on new challenges. That strong sense of self will serve her well in her job after graduation as a software developer with MetLife.

“In high school, I was more reluctant to speak out and share my ideas during class because there were always more dominant voices. At Meredith, I was able to become a dominant voice in the classroom. I have built a strong self-confidence in my abilities as well as stronger communication skills.”

Kristin attributed much of her personal and professional growth to the fact that Meredith is a single-gender institution.

“I have enjoyed everything about attending a women’s college. If I would have attended a college that was co-ed, I feel as though I would have participated less and I would not have pursued such a competitive technical field.”

In addition to her degree in computer science, Kristin also earned a K-6 teaching license, conducted undergraduate research, participated in the Teaching Fellows program, and completed multiple internships in the computer science field as well as a two-year placement at a Wake County elementary school. She also worked at Meals on Wheels of Wake County, developing videos, conducting interviews, and completing website updates. Juggling all of her commitments required support from her professors.

“By pursuing a degree in computer science as well as a K-6 license, I faced many challenges with fitting all of my classes into my schedule. The professors and department heads at Meredith were extremely supportive and made the process much easier.”

With her academic and professional plates so full, it’s not surprising that Kristin didn’t have as much time for fun activities and social events as she would have liked. That’s one reason she treasures her experience at ring dinner.

“My favorite memory at Meredith was ring dinner. It was a great experience with a lot of my friends. Ring dinner was a great way to see all of my hard work pay off and to celebrate with all of my 2017 classmates,” said Kristin.

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