Advocating for Women in STEM – Christina Churchill

Dual degree engineering student Christina Churchill, ’16, is looking forward to starting her new position with IBM after graduation. She will graduate with a degree in mathematics from Meredith and one in computer engineering from NC State.

Thanks to a range of hands-on learning opportunities at Meredith, she has gained the knowledge and experience to take on her new role as a Client Technical Sales Specialist.

“Meredith has taken my skills of communication and engineering and allowed me to combine them in new ways. I feel confident in my abilities to both understand and explain technical products to potential clients and articulate the value to their companies.”

While at Meredith, Christina has also enjoyed advocating for and mentoring other women who are interested in pursuing a STEM-related field. And one of her favorite memories has been giving tours to students and families who are visiting campus.

“It brings me so much joy to share my love of Meredith College with others. There is nothing more amazing than showing young women how they can create their own strong story here at Meredith.”

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