Unique and Transformative Experiences – Ann Cox

As an international studies major, Meredith Votes participant, and president of the History and Politics Club, Ann Cox, ’18, says her love of politics has been more encouraged at Meredith than she could have ever imagined.

“When I am able to show my peers how easy and important it is to be civically involved, I’m reminded of how grateful I am to be a part of Meredith’s efforts to help women empower themselves,” said Ann.

Aside from being actively involved on campus, Ann is also known for great success in the classroom as an Honors Scholar. “The Honors Program is full of opportunities to dive into my interests, including undergraduate research,” she said.

She conducted research on women in conflict in the developing world. “Through this project, I learned the importance of including all women from all areas and backgrounds in peacemaking, and I was given the tools and strategies for incorporating diverse perspectives into policy decisions,” said Ann.

With such a strong appreciation for diversity and international politics, Ann decided to take advantage of Meredith’s study abroad semester program in Sansepolcro, Italy. “I plan to spend my life living in different cultures,” Ann said. “So getting the chance to be immersed in an Italian town, but with the support of the Meredith community, was a unique and transformative experience.”

Ann also took advantage of the opportunity to attend the 2016 Democratic National Convention. With minors in both English and political science, she was able to look at the convention from a different perspective than most. “Not only did I learn how important it is to shine light on important issues, but I also got a lot of insight into the world of political theatre.”

Ann  has a different career path in mind than the many politicians she met and saw on stage at the convention. She has been accepted to Queens University Belfast to pursue an M.A. in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice. “It’s a program within the Senator George J. Mitchell Institute of Peace, Security, and Justice,” Ann explains. “I’ll be taking a gap year and then headed to the U.K. in the Fall of 2019.”

Ann credits her mentors here at Meredith for helping her find the perfect fit for her aspirations, strengths, and learning style.

“The dedicated and knowledgeable faculty here at Meredith have taught me that my learning does not stop when I walk out of the classroom.”

By Cailyn Clymore, ’18