First-Year Advising

Academic Advising at Meredith allows you to capitalize on your strengths. Students build relationships with their faculty advisor, student advisor, and Academic Advising to create and achieve their personal academic goals.

Faculty Advisor

Faculty advisors are trained to work with all students regardless of major interests. When students declare a major, they are assigned a faculty advisor within their program of study who they will work with for the remainder of their time at Meredith.

Responsibilities of Faculty Advisors:

  • Assist students in their consideration and clarification of educational goals
  • Assist students in developing a plan of study consistent with their goals and objectives
  • Provide accurate information to students and be appropriately available for discussions
  • Possess knowledge of programs, resources, policies and procedures
  • Provide timely attention to academic advising matters
  • Assist students in evaluation and re-evaluation of progress toward established goals and educational plans
  • Make referrals to resources within and outside of the college as appropriate
  • Encourage the advisee to assume their share of the responsibility for the advising relationship

Student Advisor

Incoming students are paired with an upper-level student who has been selected to serve as as a peer advisor and assistant to faculty advisors. Throughout the advising process, students will meet with these advisors for guidance regarding academic choices, to plan course schedules and to receive support during their first year in college.

Responsibilities of Student Advisors:

  • Provide a mentor relationship to first-year students
  • Introduce first-year students to student life and Meredith traditions
  • Support first-year students in developing an academic plan and effective study habits
  • Refer students in need of additional support to campus resources
  • Assist the faculty advisor in providing support and information to first-year students

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is available to advise students in every area of planning for academic success.

Ways Academic Advising Can Help:

  • Identify academic strengths and interests
  • Explore and consider majors
  • Implement and evaluate academic action plans

Contact Information 
1st Floor, Park Center
(919) 760-8062