Julie Watkins

Assistant Instructor, Human Environmental Sciences


230 Martin Hall

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StrongPoints® Strengths: Achiever, Communication, Discipline, Activator, Woo


Hello! I’m Julie, a passionate and dedicated interior design professional with a journey that spans across the realms of education and design innovation.

Education and Professional Journey:

I embarked on my career by earning my degree in Interior Design from the esteemed ID Program at Meredith College in 2007. My early years were marked by my role as a Commercial Designer, where I had the privilege of shaping captivating spaces from 2007 to 2011.

Recognizing the profound impact of education, I pursued a Masters’s in Teaching, solidifying my commitment to sharing my expertise. In 2011, I transitioned to a new chapter as I embarked on a fulfilling role as a high school Interior Design educator. Over the years (2011-2016), I inspired young minds, fostering their design sensibilities and nurturing their creative potential.

Curriculum Innovation and Impact:

My passion for elevating the field of Interior Design led me to a significant achievement in 2016 – I spearheaded the creation of a novel Interior Design curriculum for the state of North Carolina. This comprehensive curriculum reshaped the educational landscape, laying the foundation for aspiring designers to flourish in a rapidly evolving industry.

From Adjunct to Full-Time:

In 2020, I became an Adjunct Professor at Meredith College, where I continued to impart my knowledge and mentor the next generation of designers until 2022. My commitment to education and design excellence recently culminated in an exciting transition – I am now a full-time faculty member at Meredith College, dedicating my efforts to nurturing a new wave of interior design talents.

Achievements and Ongoing Pursuits:

In October, I achieved another milestone by successfully passing the NCIDQ examination, a testament to my commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards. My thirst for knowledge and growth remains unquenched – I am currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design, further enriching my understanding of design theory, practice, and innovation.

Join me in a journey of creativity, exploration, and growth in the realm of interior design. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative educational experience that equips you with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to excel in this dynamic field.

Academic Credentials

Brenau University, Master of Fine Arts, Interior Design, expected graduation August 2023
North Carolina State University, Master of Teaching, 2012
Meredith College, Bachelor of Science, Interior Design, 2007

Professional Credentials

National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) Certified, Certificate No. 38482, 2022 – present
Revit Certified User

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