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Ian Siderits

Adjunct, Professor of Psychology


5th year PhD student at North Carolina State University in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Program.

Undergraduate degree at The George Washington University in Washington DC, in psychology and organizational science.

Engaged in a variety of research endeavors ranging from the study of trust dynamics
and the return to work following the COVID-19 pandemic, to the impact of technology and nature
contact/biophilic workspace design in the workplace, and even further to work in counterterrorism partially funded through an NSA grant.

Currently (Fall 2023) act as a primary instructor at NCSU for a psychology of personality course, as well as a human resource management course taught at the Poole College of Management. Also working as a distance adjunct instructor of industrial-organizational psychology at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Starting Spring 2024 semester, will start teaching executive coaching here at Meredith College in their Industrial-Organizational Psychology Master of Arts program.

Various random hobbies and passions include pen-making, fusing glass, fire-breathing, and surrealistic architectural photography. You can connect with me on LinkedIn at

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