Darren Masier

Darren Masier

Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management

Harris 121

(919) 760-8473

StrongPoints® Strengths: WOO, Individualization, Achiever, Strategic, Communication


Darren combines his extensive experience as a seasoned corporate professional with his  passion for teaching within higher education. Darren is bilingual (Spanish), and his superb  communication skills and high sense of urgency, coupled with a competitive nature, each compliment his integrity at driving his efforts toward high levels of success. He is dedicated to lifelong learning, and is committed to mentoring and developing students.

Areas of Expertise

  • Human Resource Development
  • Workforce Training and Development
  • Business
  • Spanish Communication and Translation

Academic Credentials

Doctor of Education, Workforce Training and Development, North Carolina State  University, 2013

Master of Science, Human Resource Development, North Carolina State  University, 2010

Bachelor of Arts, Spanish, Purdue University, 1990


Masier, Darren, Bartlett, James E., & Ogilvie, Kristie (2019). Students’  perception of effective instruction in human resources higher education. Journal  of International Finance and Economics, 19(4), 57-70. 

Ogilvie, Kristie, & Masier, Darren (2019). Women in the live poker room,  where are they? The market segment that has yet to be represented. Journal of  Academy of Business and Economics, 19(4), 47-56. 

Masier, D. J. (2018, October). Students’ Perception of Effective Instruction in  Human Resource Higher Education. Presentation at the 34th Annual Q  Methodology Conference, International Society for the Study of Subjectivity,  Charlotte, NC.

Bartlett, J. E. & Masier, D. J. (2014, April). Workforce Learning in a High  Tech Organization: The Relationship between Self-Directed Learning and the  Learning Organization Disciplines. Paper presented at the proceedings of the  American Educational Research Association, Philadelphia, PA. 

Masier, D. J. & Bartlett, J. E. (2014, February). Exploring the Learning  Organization with Self-Directed Learning. Paper presented at the proceedings  of the Academy of Human Resource Development, Houston, TX.

Masier, D. J. (2013). An exploratory study of the relationship between self directed learning and Senge’s five disciplines necessary to become a learning  organization: In a high-tech company (Under the direction of Dr. James E.  Bartlett, II). Doctoral Dissertation, North Carolina State University, Raleigh,  NC. 

Masier, D. J. (2010). Teachers’ pedagogy through andragogy: facilitating  learning in secondary education students by incorporating self-directed learning  (Under the direction of Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker). Master’s Thesis, North  Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. 

SHRM Aligned



Meredith College School of Business Outstanding Service Award, 2020


Masier, Darren, Bartlett, James E., & Ogilvie, Kristie (2019). STUDENTS’ PERCEPTION OF EFFECTIVE INSTRUCTION IN HUMAN RESOURCES HIGHER EDUCATION. Journal of International Finance and Economics, 19(4), 57-70.

Ogilvie, Kristie, & Masier, Darren (2019). WOMEN IN THE LIVE POKER ROOM, WHERE ARE THEY? THE MARKET SEGMENT THAT HAS YET TO BE REPRESENTED. Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, 19(4), 47-56.

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