Criminology and Sociology Double Major – 61 hours

Required Major Courses



9 hours of Criminology Electives chosen from the following. At least 3 hours of Criminology Elective at the 400 level must be chosen.

18 hours of courses in SOC, but not listed in Criminology electives above. At least 6 hours SOC electives at the 400 level must be chosen.

3 hours of Political Science Electives chosen from the following:

Related Electives

9 hours of Related Electives chosen from the following. Electives may not be used to fulfill more than one requirement in the major.

Or may be met by completing 9 hours at the 200-level or higher in any single course prefix from the following list: ACC, ART, BIO, BUS, CHE, COM, CS, DAN, ECO, ENG, ESS, FRE, GEO, HED, HIS, MAT, MUS, PHY, POL, PSY, RES, SPA, SWK, THE

Contact Information
Lori Brown
Program Coordinator, Criminology
212 Lux Hall
(919) 760-8590
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