- 251

Cell Biology

(3 0 cr.) - Session(s): Fall, Spring, Summer | Course

The fundamental unit of life is the cell; therefore, cell biology forms the base upon which all modern biology and medicine is built. This course provides advanced study of microscopy and associated techniques such as freeze-fracture, fractionation, centrifugation, immunofluorescence, and cell fusion.  Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells will be covered but the course will emphasize eukaryotic cells. Topics covered will include:  cell chemistry, bioenergetics, enzymes, membranes, transport across membranes, endomembrane system, cell junctions, respiration, photosynthesis, cell cycle, cell division, information flow, gene regulation and expression, cytoskeleton, motility, contractility, signal transduction, cellular aspects of the immune response, and the cellular aspects of cancer. Three lecture hours per week. Prerequisites: BIO-110, BIO-151, CHE-111, CHE-141.

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