How Meredith is Supporting Your Application Process During COVID-19

As a student considering Meredith, there is likely a lot of uncertainty surrounding your college decision process right now. Our admissions team is here to answer your questions to help ease some of the uncertainty. Here are several frequently asked questions, regarding everything from financial assistance, to deadlines, to test scores:

Admissions and Financial Assistance COVID-19 FAQs

My family’s financial situation has changed because of COVID-19. Will Meredith reconsider my financial aid application?

As always, we are committed to partnering with you and your family to make your dreams of attending Meredith a reality. If your financial situation has changed because of COVID-19, reach out to your admissions or financial aid counselor about your specific situation and they can help you submit an appeal for additional financial aid. Reach out at or

May 1 is the traditional deadline for reserving my space in the class. Has Meredith extended its deadline for enrollment deposits?

As circumstances continue to change, we understand there may be students and families who need additional time to reserve their space in the class because of the impact of COVID-19. If you need an extension, reach out to your admission counselor or email directly and they will be happy to discuss an extension with you. Also, to help you cope with the financial strain the pandemic may have placed on your family, the enrollment deposit has been reduced to $175 as of March 28, 2020.

Advanced Placement (AP) tests will be delivered differently this spring. Has Meredith changed its policies for accepting AP scores? 

Ultimately, our goal regarding AP test scores remains the same: ensuring students are set up for success at the next level of coursework. And our policies reflect that goal. We will accept the score you earn on the new online, shortened test but you may want to reconsider accepting the credit if the course was not completed in its entirety.

My school is closed, making it difficult for me to get official transcripts. Can Meredith accept unofficial transcripts?

We understand that high school administrations may be in a difficult position to deliver official transcripts at the moment. However, if you are a student at a North Carolina high school, you can still request an official transcript through the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC). If you are a student who submitted The Common Application, you should still be able to request transcripts through that process. If you are unable to secure an official transcript and can get a student copy (first-year and transfer students) we will accept the student copy. Our goal is to help you move your college plans forward!

Will Meredith still hold StartStrong pre-registration events this summer?

Like you, we’d prefer to meet face-to-face for StartStrong but only if it’s safe and healthy for all. In the meantime, we are planning virtual StartStrong events that will help you make a successful transition from high school to college. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Class of 2024!

I’m a senior and was planning to take the SAT or ACT this spring but all test centers are closed. What should I do?

You should apply to Meredith! We are waiving the SAT/ACT requirement for seniors applying for Fall 2020 who were not able to take the examination because of test center closings.

Got a question we haven’t answered above? 

Submit it to and we will respond as quickly as we can. Also, be sure to check out our virtual admissions resources.

Additionally, if you need flexibility submitting materials or making your final decision, contact the Office of Admissions at We’re here to help!

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