Tips for Move-In Day Success

Four Meredith students cheering and welcoming the incoming freshman class at Move-In Day.

Move-In is one of the best days of the academic year, and the Meredith College community is looking forward to welcoming you. We know how excited you must be to get acquainted with your new home-away-from-home, but you probably have some questions, too. And you may feel a little nervous – so here are some tips to help reduce stress levels on Move-In Day.

Before You Arrive:

  • Eat breakfast. Everyone may be nervous about the big day, but moving in is a big process, which takes lots of energy.
  • Show your school pride. Many students and their families wear Meredith College shirts during Move-In, which adds to the fun of the day. Decorating your car to show school spirit is also popular!
  • Know where you’ll be living, both the building and room number. You’ll need this information once you get to campus. Note for families: Keep a copy of this information at home so you’ll be able to send mail and care packages.
  • Pay attention to where students are instructed to pick up their keys and complete paperwork. First-year students at Meredith check-in in the first-floor parlor of their assigned residence hall.


What to Pack:

  • Label boxes that aren’t see-through. You don’t want to go through a dozen boxes looking for one item.
  • Pack cleaning supplies on top. Although your room will have been cleaned, many families like to do a touch-up cleaning before unpacking.
  • Bring a hand truck or something with wheels on it for moving boxes and big items. Even if the college loans hand trucks, there are never enough of them to go around.
  • Make sure to have a toolbox, not only for Move-In Day but to keep in your dorm for the rest of the year. You never know when you’ll need a hammer or screwdriver! Visit our residence life website for information on what you should or shouldn’t bring.
  • Consider bringing an extra set of clothes to change into after unpacking. Move-In Day can be hot and going to Orientation sessions in a sweaty shirt may not be ideal.


During Move-In:

  • Drink plenty of water. Here in Raleigh, it is always hot on Move-In Day. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water because you could be on the verge of dehydration by that point.
  • Move-In Day is Saturday, August 19, and Orientation begins on the same day. These sessions are important, so be aware of when events begin. Visit our site for a full schedule.
  • For families: Enjoy this day with your student! Although it may be difficult to leave at the end of the day, know that your student’s college journey has started and that they are in good hands to start the year off right.
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