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Theatre / Program of Study

Theatre Program of Study

The theatre program challenges students to achieve through an in-depth and academically rigorous study of performance, production and design. Students also explore the history of theatre, from the origin and development of theatre and dramatic literatures to modern theatre and contemporary dramatic literature in a variety of cultural contexts. By studying all aspects of theatre, students gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to create artistic works and scholarly documents and are able to communicate effectively using written, visual and physical means.

Major in Theatre
Students majoring in theatre are required to complete 40-45 credit hours, which include 28-33 hours of prescribed core courses and 12 hours of approved electives based on the student’s area of focus.                                                                                                             

Theatre Major with a Musical Theatre Concentration

Students majoring in Theatre with a concentration in Musical Theatre are required to complete 57-66 hours, which include 28-33 of core theatre courses and an additional 29-33 hours of musical theatre-related courses. Students will be able to envision, create and produce artistic works, specifically in the field of Musical Theatre. Our program will educate and inspire students, allowing them to meet the opportunities available in the work of Musical Theatre.  

Minor in Theatre
Students minoring in theatre are required to complete 18 credit hours, including THE-114 Introduction to Theatre and 15 hours of approved courses in theatre.

Professional Performance Certificate
Students enrolled in a B.A. program with a declared major in theatre are eligible to apply for enrollment in the Professional Performance Certificate program. An audition or portfolio review is required.

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Theatre Major - 40-45 hours
Theatre Majors Core Curriculum THE - 101: Performance Practica (varied course cr.)
THE - 102: Performance Practica (1 cr.)
THE - 103: Production Practica (varied course cr.)
THE - 104: Production Practica (1 cr.)
THE - 105: Front of House Practica (varied course cr.)
THE - 106: Front of House Practica (1 cr.)
THE - 114: Introduction to Theatre (3 cr.)
THE - 224: Acting I (3 cr.)
THE - 245: Stagecraft (3 cr.)
THE - 316: History of Theatre Classic-Romance (3 cr.)
THE - 317: History of Theatre Modern-Contemporary (3 cr.)
ENG - 350: Modern Drama (3 cr.)
THE - 350: Modern Drama (3 cr.)
ENG - 355: Shakespeare (3 cr.)
ENG - 356: Shakespeare (3 cr.)
THE - 390: Audition and Interview (3 cr.)
THE - 425: Directing (3 cr.)
THE - 490: Project: Area of Specialization (varied course cr.)

Electives12 credit hours of electives chosen from the following:
THE - 150: Voice and Articulation (3 cr.)
THE - 214: Creative Dramatics (3 cr.)
THE - 246: Lighting and Sound (3 cr.)
THE - 247: Costume and Makeup (3 cr.)
THE - 299: Research in Theatre (varied course cr.)
THE - 324: Acting II (3 cr.)
THE - 335: Scenic Design and Painting (3 cr.)
THE - 370: Playwriting (1 cr.)
THE - 424: Acting III Meisner Training (3 cr.)
THE - 480: Internship: Area of Specialization (varied course cr.)
THE - 496: Seminar in Musical Theatre (3 cr.)
THE - 498: Honors Thesis in Theatre (3 cr.)
THE - 499: Research in Theatre (varied course cr.)
THE - 735: Methods of Teaching Theatre (3 cr.)

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

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