The French minor requires 18 credit hours, taken in 200-, 300- or 400-level French and none at the 100-level. Courses taken at other universities, including study abroad, must be at the appropriate levels. All courses applied to the minor must be taught in French, except translation courses. At least 50% of the French minor credit will be taken at the 300 level or higher.

French students can enrich their learning through activities with the French club, individual research with faculty, study abroad opportunities, and an annual field trip to the French Film Festival in Richmond, Va.

French Minor – 18 hours

FRE – 205Intermediate French I (3 cr.)
Students who place at the 206 or higher level will take an additional 200 or 300 level course in place of 205 in order to meet the 18 hour minimum for minors at Meredith College.

Take one or two of the following – 3-6 credit hours
FRE – 206Introduction to Francophone Cultures (3 cr.)
FRE – 207Intermediate Conversation in French (3 cr.)
FRE – 208French Cuisine, Culture and Hospitality (3 cr.)

Electives chosen from 300 and 400-level courses – 9 -12 credit hours
FRE – 302Topics in Language and Culture (varied course cr.)
FRE – 304French Civilization (3 cr.)
FRE – 305French Theatre and Phonetics Practicum (3 cr.)
FRE – 306Advanced French Communication and the Media (3 cr.)
FRE – 307Advanced Conversation (3 cr.)
FRE – 308Francophone Literature (3 cr.)
FRE – 309French Women Writers (3 cr.)
FRE – 335Paris in Literature and the Visual Arts (3 cr.)
FRE – 385Basic Concepts of French Translation (3 cr.)
FRE – 386Advanced French Translation Practice (3 cr.)

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

Contact Information
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Associate Professor of World Languages and Cultures; Department Head
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