- 606

Writing in Criminal Justice

(3 cr.) - Session(s): Fall | Course Every Year

This course will focus on the mechanics of writing for criminal justice settings. HR Reports, investigation reports, incident/scene documentation, general reports, memos, emails, letters, responsive correspondence, program proposals, report writing, grant proposal fundamentals and program assessments will be included. Overall comprehension of the various methods and writing needs required in Criminal Justice settings will be discussed. 

Students completing this course will be able to: 

  • Develop skills appropriate to writing professional memos, emails and other correspondence in criminal justice settings.
  • Develop skills to write in a goal specific and concise manner
  • Develop skills to use information gathered through collection of data, investigation, and interviews to organize effective written reports.
  • Develop skills to distinguish among fact, opinion, and inference and develop strategies to obtain information in a variety of situations and then present it a written report.
  • Learn and apply appropriate grammar and punctuation to use in professional writing
  • Develop skills to write evaluations of personnel and assessments of programs
  • Develop skills to write grant proposals

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