Communication / Public Relations Concentration

Public Relations Concentration

The public relations concentration offers an applied communication curriculum with a focus on theory and process of public relations practice. Students investigate many areas, including public relations writing and techniques, social media strategy, public relations campaigns, and digital media production. The public relations field offers a wide variety of careers, including corporate, nonprofit, higher education, and government communication, PR agency work, and event planning.

Students must complete 23-24 hours of core requirements and 18 hours of public relations concentration courses, for a total of 41-42 hours. The concentration requires one writing intensive course, an internship and a minimum of six hours at the 300 or 400 levels.

Communication Major with Public Relations Concentration 41-42 hours
Required Major CoursesCOM - 215: Introduction to Public Relations (3 cr.)
COM - 225: Public Speaking (3 cr.)
COM - 260: Interpersonal Communication (3 cr.)
COM - 290: Introduction to Mass Communication (3 cr.)
COM - 330: Communication Research Methods (3 cr.)
COM - 480: Communication Internship (3 cr.)
COM - 495: Communication Theory (3 cr.)
One chosen from the following
COM - 410: Senior Thesis (2 cr.)
COM - 498: Honors Thesis (3 cr.)

Concentration in MajorART - 180: Computer Literacy for Design (3 cr.)
COM - 316: PR Techniques (3 cr.)
COM - 365: Digital Media Convergence (3 cr.)
COM - 380: Social & Interactive Media (3 cr.)
COM - 415: PR Cases & Campaigns (3 cr.)

Electives3 hours of electives chosen from the following:
Any COM course at the 200, 300, or 400 level.
ART - 131: Digital Photography I (3 cr.)
ART - 360: Interactive Design (3 cr.)
BUS - 303: Management and Organizational Behavior (3 cr.)
BUS - 360: Principles of Marketing (3 cr.)
BUS - 458: Employee Relations Management (3 cr.)
DAN - 455: Performing Arts Administration (3 cr.)
ENG - 245: Introduction to Journalism (3 cr.)

For double majors, other electives may be approved by the department head. Consult with your advisor.

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Our communication program focuses on real-world learning through professional internships and hands-on experience in the classroom.

Why major in Communication?

Our communication program focuses on real-world learning through professional internships and hands-on experience in the classroom.

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