COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

Meredith has strongly encouraged all students, faculty, and staff to get the COVID-19 vaccinations of their choice, because getting the COVID-19 vaccine is the surest way our community can return to more typical activities and interactions. 

Beginning with the Spring 2022 semester, Meredith College is adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of vaccinations required for students, and is requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for all employees.

Exemption Requests

Individuals applying for an exemption should fill out the form for the applicable request and upload it to the portal:

All exemption requests must be submitted by November 5, 2021, to be considered. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vaccination Requirement

Why is Meredith requiring the COVID vaccination prior to the start of spring semester 2022?
Meredith College accepts the science showing that vaccination is the best way to protect our whole community. Keeping Meredith and its people safe is our first priority, as we have stated throughout our pandemic communications. Vaccinations are the latest addition to the tools we already use: testing, masking, social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizer stations, CampusClear, and routine cleaning, as well as when necessary, disinfection. As the science shows, these tools overlap to address gaps in the prevention of transmission and minimization of effects, meaning these multiple practices are most likely to offer optimal protection.

For expert information on the COVID-19 vaccine, consider watching Meredith College’s webinar Viruses and Vaccines: The History, Science, and Impacts of COVID-19 

I have already submitted proof of vaccination to the portal – do I need to do anything else to comply with this requirement?
No. If you have already submitted proof of vaccination, there’s nothing else you need to do at this time.

What will the vaccination cost?
Vaccinations continue to be available at no cost in the United States to anyone age 12 and older.

Where can I get vaccinated?
In Wake County, there are free vaccination sites available most days. Increasingly, COVID-19 vaccinations are also available at area pharmacies and doctor’s offices. The pharmacy in Ridgewood shopping center is offering vaccinations by appointment and is within walking distance of campus.

The North Carolina Vaccine Locator includes a list of both government and private vaccine location sites throughout the state.

Do I have to get the Pfizer vaccine to satisfy Meredith’s vaccination requirement?
No. You can take the two-shot Pfizer vaccine, the two-shot Moderna vaccine, or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Taking any of those vaccines will satisfy the Meredith COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

How much time must pass between the first and second shots for Pfizer and for Moderna? Physicians and vaccination experts guide the timing of doses. If you take the Pfizer vaccine, you must allow three weeks between the first and second doses. If you take the Moderna vaccine, you must allow four weeks between the first and second doses. 

How long before I am considered fully vaccinated after getting vaccinated?
You need to allow two weeks beyond the last shot in your series (after the single shot for Johnson & Johnson; after the second shot for Pfizer or Moderna). That’s why Meredith is announcing our vaccine requirement now (September 2021) to allow plenty of time for you to get a vaccine and be fully vaccinated (two weeks after your last dose).

How soon can I take the vaccination?
For maximum protection, you should take the vaccine as soon as possible. If you are on campus, unvaccinated, and subject to routine surveillance testing, being vaccinated sooner rather than later means you can stop the routine surveillance testing when you have received emailed approval from student health services to do so.

Can I take the vaccination just before I return to school for spring semester?
You need to have finished your vaccination or vaccination series at least two weeks before you return to campus for the start of spring semester.

Once I am vaccinated, how do I report my vaccination status to Meredith College?
You will need to upload a scan or photograph of your vaccination card into the portal and complete the required data fields there. You must do so by January 4, 2022.

What if I need a medical exception or religious exemption to this requirement?
You can fill out the form for either request and upload it to the portal ( after Friday, October 15, 2021. 

You will be notified by the College if/when the exception is granted. All exemption requests must be submitted by November 5, 2021, to be considered. 

Note: students or employees who want or need to exercise their right to exemption may be subject to special masking, distancing, and testing requirements.

Will there be any testing requirements for the Spring semester?
Testing requirements for the Spring will depend on campus and community conditions later this year. We will announce any testing requirements closer to the end of 2021 and/or the beginning of 2022.