Staying Strong pledge poster with tips and links to keep campus safeAs a member of the Meredith community, each of us must take extraordinary steps to stay well and protect each other, both on campus and in the community. Employees and students are reminded that in their conduct, whether on campus or off, they are representatives of the Meredith community. It is the responsibility of each individual to adhere to this pledge to protect Meredith College community members and the community at large.

As a member of the Meredith College community:

I pledge to do my part to keep our community in good health.

I understand I have a role in the fight against COVID-19 and commit to responsible actions and to being an accountable member of both the campus and the Raleigh community.

I pledge to uphold the high standards of our campus every day by demonstrating personal integrity, respecting others, and supporting my college and the greater Raleigh community.

I pledge to comply with public health guidelines and Meredith College Community Standards in place to help protect myself and others:

  • Wearing a face covering at all times while on campus except when alone in a private space. This includes outdoor spaces where appropriate physical distancing cannot be guaranteed.
  • Maintaining physical distance (at least 6 feet) from others.
  • Keeping my hands clean and sanitized while on campus, around Raleigh and at home.
  • Completing the daily screening through CampusClear or otherwise self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Staying home when ill, reporting potential exposures, and positive test results.
  • Actively participating in contact tracing as requested.
  • Complying with other campus policies included on the Staying Strong web page and communicated to me by the College.
  • Adhering to capacity and occupancy limits in all situations to prevent high-spread scenarios.
  • Limiting my travel outside the greater Raleigh area during the semester.
  • Modifying my actions and encouraging others to do the same as guidelines and recommendations adapt over time.

I further understand that if I fail to do so, I may be subject to disciplinary actions. Employees are subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including, termination of employment. As with the Meredith College Honor Code, students who fail to adhere to the College’s Community Standards during the pandemic and recovery may be subject to disciplinary action.