» Staying Strong / Incident Response Team

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, members of Meredith College’s Incident Response Team (IRT) have met to prepare. The IRT includes key decision makers from all areas of the campus whose input, plans, resources, and collaborative efforts are designed to serve the College’s students and employees at critical times. This team is now focused on planning for the Fall 2020 semester. 

In addition to the IRT members listed below, several other campus teams, such as the Academic Ad Hoc committee, are working together with specific areas of focus to advise and make recommendations to the IRT and Meredith’s Executive Leadership Team.

  • Jo Allen, President
  • Melyssa Allen, Media Relations
  • Craig Barfield, Business and Finance
  • Lennie Barton, Institutional Advancement
  • Donna Battle, Chaplain
  • Bill Brown, Event Planning
  • Sharon Campbell, Aramark Facilities Services
  • Laura Davidson, Library Services
  • Kristi Eaves-McLennan, Marketing and Communications
  • Pam Galloway, Human Resources
  • Ann Gleason, Student Life
  • Jeff Howlett, Tech Services
  • Jean Jackson, College Programs
  • Mary Johnson, Health Services
  • Todd Lechner, Facilities Services
  • Heidi LeCount, Residence Life
  • Beth Meier, Counseling Services
  • Matthew Poslusny, Academics and Enrollment
  • David Penney, Aramark Dining
  • Tony Riddick, Housekeeping
  • Aaron Schettler, Grounds
  • Tomecca Sloane, Student Life
  • Jeff Stell, Maintenance
  • Al White, Campus Security