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Student Pick Up Protocols

We take seriously the care and safety of our students, which is why we have prepared a clear set of protocols to help guide parents and families in the event they have to pick up a student who is symptomatic or ill with COVID-19.

Please Note: It is critical that your student inform Health Services via email at as soon as she starts to show symptoms of COVID or is exposed to someone known to be positive or whom she has reason to suspect is positive.

Thank you for following these procedures when picking up your student:

  • Meet your student outside at a mutually-agreed-upon location that you designate beforehand. We want to avoid creating opportunities to interact in a crowd or requiring you to search for her on campus.
  • Like all visitors to campus, parents and family members must wear masks.
  • Please pick up your student during daytime hours. Barring an emergency, please do not pick her up at night, as it is disruptive for other students and potentially anxiety-provoking for your daughter and other residents.
  • Your student must email that she is going home to quarantine or isolate and when she expects to return following quarantine or isolation.

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