Who is CampusClear for?
CampusClear is for members of the Meredith community who will be on campus at any time. This includes students, employees, and visitors to campus.

What does CampusClear do?
CampusClear provides a self-screening solution and collects results from a one question survey. Survey data is encoded and sent to Student Health Services and Human Resources staff  who have been trained to monitor campus health trends and manage contact tracing. The goal is to prevent anyone who is experiencing symptoms, or who has had contact with someone experiencing symptoms from entering campus. These protective measures help combat the spread of COVID-19 on campus and beyond.

What time of day do I need to complete the survey by if I’m a student living on campus? 
Residential students should complete the survey by noon each day to give Health Services ample time to address results or field questions.

I’m a student who intends to live on campus and won’t be leaving every day. Do I still need to self-screen on a daily basis?
Yes. We ask anyone who is on campus to complete the daily survey, regardless of their frequency of leaving campus. Daily screening aids in our contact tracing efforts.

I’m a student at Meredith but all of my classes are online and I won’t be on campus this semester. Do I still need to self-screen?
Only those physically on campus are required to submit results. If you intend on making any visits to campus this semester, for whatever reason, you will be required to self-screen to access campus.

Someone is coming to visit me on campus. Do they need to self-screen?
Yes. Anyone who visits campus will be required to download the app and take the self-screen survey. Visitors without a meredith.edu email address will need to enter their phone number to assist with contact tracing efforts. It is the responsibility of the Meredith community member who invited the off-campus visitor to make sure the visitor follows all community standards during their visit, including screening.

Is a CamCard needed if I am using the CampusClear app results to enter campus?
If you are using the CampusClear results screen to enter campus you will not need to show your CamCard. If you are unable to access the CampusClear app, then you may be asked to show your CamCard to Campus Police upon entry. The normal Meredith expectation remains that all students, faculty, and staff should carry their CamCard on them at all times while on campus.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?
Those who do not have a smartphone have the option of visiting the web interface version of the app and completing the survey via computer at https://web.ivy.ai/app/campusclear. If accessing Campus Clear using a computer is not an option , please contact Human Resources if you are an employee or Health Services if you are a student for alternative options.

What happens if I forget my phone? 
Campus Police will direct you at the front gate with further instructions.

Will every commuter student be required to use the application to enter campus?
Anyone who enters Meredith’s campus, including commuter students, is expected to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms daily. Using the Campus Clear app is the prefered method of screening. If accessing Campus Clear using a computer or a smartphone is not an option, please contact Health Services for alternative options.

Is there an expectation that every person on campus has been monitored in some way every day?
Anyone who enters Meredith’s campus, including commuter students, is expected to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms daily.

What happens to those who choose not to comply with the self-screen guidelines? Those who cannot pass the self-screen survey or choose not to self-screen in some form will be asked to leave campus and will be given further instructions from either Human Resources or Student Health Services.

I’m having trouble downloading or using the app. What do I do?
Employees should contact Human Resources at (919) 760-8898 and students should contact Health Services at (919) 760-8535 for alternatives.

What does CampusClear do with my information? Is my privacy protected? 
The data transmitted through the app is protected and only trained contact tracers appointed by Meredith College will have the ability to view the data. The mobile app only collects the following information: email (one time), time of submitting email, validation success/failure, initial login time, daily response(s) to the survey question and time of response. The names of individuals are removed from daily reports.

CampusClear collects data while you are using the app to improve user experience, but it does not collect personal information about your online activities over time or track your activity on other sites or apps for any purpose. 

How will this data be used?
While Meredith will analyze the data collected as a whole to monitor trends and ensure those on campus are using the app, CampusClear will not be used to monitor individual health data. Students should contact the Student Health Center and employees should consult their own healthcare provider if they need medical advice. This is also not a method for calling out sick. Employees should immediately notify Human Resources if they are ill with COVID-like symptoms.

Where is the data that is collected being stored?
According to CampusClear’s privacy statement found on their website: “We have implemented measures designed to secure your Personal Information from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration and disclosure. All information that you provide to us is stored on our servers behind firewalls, and certain Personal Information will be encrypted using secure socket layer (SSL) technology.”

Meredith does not store information obtained from the app anywhere on its servers. The mobile app only collects the following information: email (one time), time of submitting email, validation success/failure, initial login time, daily response(s) to the survey question, and time of response.

How long will the data I provide be stored?
The data will be on the app until the pandemic is over and will not be used for any additional purposes beyond those mentioned above.

Is any data going to the developers or ivy.ai? If so, what and how is it provided to them from Meredith?

The data you provide is uploaded directly to the CampusClear app where it can only be accessed by developers, Meredith’s Human Resources, and Student Health Services through the back-end of the app. CampusClear does not otherwise share, sell, or lease your personal information to any third parties, and they only permit use of your information internally by their own personnel, except in limited circumstances that can be found in their privacy statement

How will the electronically collected data be used?
The data is used to identify individuals who have or have been exposed to COVID-19 so that we can use contact tracing to combat the spread of the virus on campus. App data is also used as a preventative measure to keep those who have been exposed to COVID-19 from entering campus.

Is there an option to have the data purged at some point? 
Users can choose to “Purge My Info & Delete My Account” feature on the app, which will result in the permanent and irreversible deletion of your information and termination of your account.

Who is leading Meredith’s contact tracing efforts?
The Office of Human Resources and Student Health Services are managing contact tracing.

The College is providing resources and contact tracing for employees who test positive, present with symptoms, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

 Employees who mark any of the CampusClear responses other than “no symptoms” should email HR@meredith.edu immediately. 

Students who mark any of the CampusClear responses other than “no symptoms” should  email healthcenter@meredith.edu immediately. All responding officials have completed contact tracing training and achieved certification through Johns Hopkins University.