The sociology program encourages students to develop social consciousness and an understanding of people, both as unique individuals and as members of a particular culture and society. Courses are designed to present multiple perspectives and provide a solid foundation of knowledge in sociological theories, concepts and methods. Students apply that knowledge to the research, analysis and study of how human behavior is affected by social and cultural issues. Areas of study include human diversity, gender issues, race and ethnic relations, and how economic or political institutions operate in society.

Major in Sociology
Students majoring in sociology are required to complete 37-40 credit hours, which include 16-19 hours of a prescribed core curriculum and 21 hours of approved electives.

Double Major in Sociology and Criminology
Students double majoring in sociology and criminology must complete 58-61 credit hours, including 19-22 hours of prescribed core courses, 18 hours of approved sociology courses, nine hours of approved criminology electives, three hours of political science courses and nine hours of approved related electives.

Minor in Sociology
Students minoring in sociology are required to complete 18 credit hours, including six hours of prescribed core courses and 12 hours of approved sociology electives.

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Sociology Major – 37-40 hours
Required Major CoursesSOC – 100Principles of Sociology (3 cr.)
SOC – 374Social Research Principles (3 cr.)
SOC – 480Community Internship (varied course cr.)
SOC – 489Social Theory (3 cr.)
SOC – 495Professional Development (1 cr.)
SOC – 496Research Capstone (3 cr.)
SOC – 498Honors Thesis in Sociology (3 cr.)
MAT – 175Statistics I (3 cr.)

Electives21 credit hours in electives chosen from the following:
At least 6 hours SOC electives at the 400 level must be chosen.
SOC – 220Gender and Society (3 cr.)
SOC – 231Social Problems (3 cr.)
SOC – 235(3 cr.)
SOC – 236Criminology (3 cr.)
SOC – 242Deviance and Society (3 cr.)
SOC – 260Cultural Anthropology (3 cr.)
SOC – 299Introduction to Research in Sociology (0, varied course cr.)
SOC – 332Human Sexuality (3 cr.)
SOC – 335Race and Ethnic Relations (3 cr.)
SOC – 337Corrections (3 cr.)
SOC – 338Sociology of Families (3 cr.)
SOC – 340Sociology of Aging (3 cr.)
SOC – 342Juvenile Delinquency (3 cr.)
SOC – 343Sociology of Murder (3 cr.)
SOC – 344Visual Sociology (3 cr.)
SOC – 346Anthropology of Religion (3 cr.)
RES – 346Anthropology of Religion (3 cr.)
SOC – 348Sociology of Zombies (3 cr.)
SOC – 360Media, Self and Society (3 cr.)
SOC – 410Women and Politics (3 cr.)
SOC – 421Gender and Violence (3 cr.)
SOC – 422Genders and Sexualities (3 cr.)
SOC – 430Population Dynamics (3 cr.)
SOC – 431Sociology of Inequities (3 cr.)
SOC – 440Selected Topics in Sociology (3 cr.)
SOC – 442The Color of Crime (3 cr.)
SOC – 443Women and Crime (3 cr.)
SOC – 444Social Interaction (3 cr.)
SOC – 446Drugs and Society (3 cr.)
SOC – 449Sociology of the Border (3 cr.)
SOC – 480Community Internship (varied course cr.)
SOC – 499Research in Sociology (1 cr.)

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

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