Criminology and Sociology Double Major – 55-58 hours

Required Major Courses




18 hours General Sociology Electives. At least 3 hours of Sociology Electives at the 400 level.

18 hours of Criminology Electives chosen from the following. At least 3 hours of Criminology Elective at the 400 level must be chosen; only 9 hours outside department.

as approved by Department Head

Related Electives

Up to 9 hours of Related Electives may be chosen from the following. Electives may not be used to fulfill more than one requirement in the major.


*CJC transfer courses as approved by department head.

Other special topics in various departments if approved by advisor and department head.

Contact Information
Amie Hess
Head, Department of Sociology & Criminology
210 Lux Hall
(919) 760-8016
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