The religious and ethical studies program allows students to explore how multiple religious and ethical commitments both inform and challenge the understanding of how people inhabit, experience, and ultimately shape the world. Students learn about eastern and western religious traditions, philosophies, and ethics, and use that knowledge to analyze the complex ways religion, culture, and history interconnect. Through the program, students will demonstrate critical, analytical and comparative thinking skills and develop an appreciation of diverse religious beliefs and perspectives.

Major in Religious and Ethical Studies
Students majoring in religious and ethical studies are required to complete 30 credit hours of religious and ethical studies courses. Nine of these credit hours must be taken at the 300-400 level, in addition to a 400-level capstone course (choice of senior thesis or internship).

Minor in Religious and Ethical Studies
Students minoring in religious and ethical studies are required to complete 18 credit hours of religion and ethics courses, with at least one course taken at the 300-400 level.

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Religious and Ethical Studies – 30 Hours
Required Major Courses

Students take at least one course from each of the following for areas below (A, B, C, and D): 12 credit hours

Internship or Research – 3 credit hours

Electives – 15 credit hours
Students can select from any of the courses listed below:
A. Texts and Traditions



B. World Perspectives

C. Religion and Culture

D. Ethical and Philosophical Perspectives

Additional Approved Electives

Note: Students must take nine credit hours at the 300-400 level in addition to RES 480/498/499

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

Strong Story | Katy Clary

See how religious and ethical studies students are going strong.

See how religious and ethical studies students are going strong.

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