Students minoring in religious and ethical studies are required to complete 18 credit hours of religion and ethics courses.

Religious and Ethical Studies Minor – 18 hours
Minor Required CoursesStudents take at least one course from each of the following four areas below (A,B,C,and D): 12 credit hours

Electives to be chosen from courses below: 6 credit hours
A. Texts and Traditions
RES – 103Biblical Literature and History (3 cr.)
RES – 267Christian Origins: From Cult to Empire (3 cr.)
RES – 268Women and the Bible (3 cr.)
RES – 351Jesus and the Gospels (3 cr.)
RES – 385Europe in the Middle Ages (3 cr.)
HIS – 385Europe in the Middle Ages (3 cr.)
RES – 387Age of Renaissance/Reformation (3 cr.)
HIS – 387Age of Renaissance/Reformation (3 cr.)
B. World Perspectives
RES – 102World Religions (3 cr.)
RES – 253Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: A Conversation (3 cr.)
RES – 254Introduction to Asian Religions (3 cr.)
RES – 379Religion and Globalization in the Americas (3 cr.)
C. Religion and Culture
RES – 250Religion and Moving Images (3 cr.)
RES – 283Women, Religion & Ethnography (3 cr.)
RES – 285Religion and Literature (3 cr.)
RES – 306Religion and Pop Culture (3 cr.)
RES – 346Anthropology of Religion (3 cr.)
D. Ethical and Philosophical Perspectives
RES – 104Religious Ethics and Social Issues (3 cr.)
RES – 201Philosophy and the Meaning of Life (3 cr.)
RES – 220Ethics of Love and Justice (3 cr.)
RES – 221Comparative Religious Ethics (3 cr.)
RES – 284Sin, Satan, and Evil (3 cr.)
RES – 344Bioethics and Society (3 cr.)
RES – 345Environmental Ethics (3 cr.)
RES – 352History of Christian Thought and Ethics (3 cr.)

Additional Approved ElectivesRES – 200Introductory Topics in Religious and Ethical Studies (3 cr.)
RES – 280Religious and Ethical Studies Internship (varied course cr.)
RES – 299Introduction to Research in Religious and Ethical Studies (varied course cr.)
RES – 400Selected Topics in Religious and Ethical Studies (3 cr.)
Note: At least three (3) credits must be at the 300 level or above.

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

Strong Story | Katy Clary

See how religious and ethical studies students are going strong.

See how religious and ethical studies students are going strong.

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