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Psychology / Program of Study

Psychology Program of Study

The comprehensive curriculum of Meredith’s psychology program allows students to develop a solid knowledge base of behavioral and mental processes, while acquiring research, communication, and interpersonal skills grounded on an ethical foundation. Students come to better understand themselves and others by studying and applying theories and concepts of social, clinical and experimental psychology.

Major in Psychology
Students majoring in psychology are required to complete 31 credit hours of psychology courses, prepare a student portfolio and pass an exit examination before graduation.

Minor in Psychology
Students minoring in psychology are required to complete 21 hours of psychology courses.

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Psychology Major 32 hours
Required Major CoursesPSY - 100: Introduction to Psychology (3 cr.)
PSY - 301: Research Methods I (4 cr.)
PSY - 302: Research Methods II (4 cr.)
Experimental Psychology chosen from the following (6 credits)
PSY - 330: Neuropsychology (3 cr.)
PSY - 332: Perception (3 cr.)
PSY - 335: Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3 cr.)
PSY - 430: History and Systems in Psychology (3 cr.)
PSY - 432: Memory, Language and Cognition (3 cr.)
Developmental/Social Psychology chosen from the following (6 credits):
PSY - 210: Life Span Developmental Psychology (3 cr.)
PSY - 212: Psychology of Gender Roles (3 cr.)
PSY - 310: Psychology of Children and Adolescents (3 cr.)
PSY - 412: Psychology of Aging (3 cr.)
PSY - 312: Psychology of Exceptional Individuals (3 cr.)
PSY - 410: Social Psychology (3 cr.)
A student who completes PSY 210 for the Development/Social Psychology area must choose from PSY 312 or 410 to complete the 6 credit requirement
Clinical Psychology chosen from the following (6 credits):
PSY - 320: Abnormal Psychology (3 cr.)
PSY - 324: Conditioning and Behavior Modification (3 cr.)
PSY - 326: Health Psychology (3 cr.)
PSY - 420: Theories of Personality (3 cr.)
PSY - 422: Psychological Testing and Evaluation (3 cr.)
PSY - 424: Theory and Practice in Counseling (3 cr.)
Electives in approved psychology courses (3 credits)
Applied Culminating Experience

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

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Our psychology students acquire both research skills and practical skills in applied settings. 

Psychology at Meredith

Our psychology students acquire both research skills and practical skills in applied settings. 

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