The Meredith College Department of Psychology and Social Work is committed to building a campus environment where all are welcomed and included. We are committed to recognizing and understanding diversity through all courses, departmental activities, and interactions with one another. Every individual has something unique to offer and this diversity enriches our campus conversations, relationships, classrooms, and programs. We value the multiple dimensions of race; ethnicity; gender identity; sexual orientation; socioeconomic status; national origin; immigration status; native language; ability; age; religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions; political affiliation; and self-expression. We also appreciate that identity is intersectional and that diversity extends beyond this incomplete list of categories. We commit to educating ourselves and working collectively as a department to the ongoing process of seeking justice and equity. We will not accept acts of intolerance, discrimination, or exclusion. Instead, we will cultivate humility, respect, and dialogue to create a space for all members of our community to learn and grow. (7/15/2020)

Contact Information
Gwynn Morris
Professor of Psychology, Department Chair for Psychology & Social Work
108A Ledford
(919) 760-8442