Through the political science program, students develop an awareness of the modern world and its political dimensions. Students learn to research, analyze and communicate effectively about different political systems and theories and how each can impact cultures and economies. Students participate in hands-on learning experiences by observing the state government in action, visiting multiple historic sites and museums, and taking advantage of educational opportunities at international businesses in nearby Research Triangle Park.

Major in Political Science
Students majoring in political science are required to complete 21 credit hours, plus the requirements for one of the three concentrations offered.

Major in Political Science with a Pre-Law concentration
Students majoring in political science with a pre-law concentration take courses in political science as well as in elective areas including accounting, business, communications, criminology, English, social work among other fields. The overarching emphasis of the program is both theoretical and practical. The core curriculum requirements in constitutional law, civil rights and civil liberties are paired with a moot court and a required legal internship. As a result, they graduate having:

  • Explored current legal issues
  • Sharpened their writing, speaking, and analytical reasoning skills
  • Developed an understanding of human values in connection with law
  • Prepared for the LSAT, law school, and a career in law

The concentration requires 36 credit hours, which include 21 hours of core curriculum, plus six additional hours required courses for concentration, and nine hours of electives from at least two disciplines.

Major in Political Science with a Public Affairs concentration
Students majoring in political science with a public affairs concentration take an interdisciplinary program of study that combines government relations, media studies, issue management, corporate and social responsibility, information dissemination and strategic communication. Graduates are prepared for careers in businesses and organization influencing public policy, building and maintain a strong reputations and finding common ground with stakeholders.  Graduates complete the concentration having gained a theoretical and practical overview of the field, in part through a required internship in the public affairs domain. The concentration requires 36 credit hours, which include 21 hours of core curriculum and 15 hours of approved electives, at least nine of which must be political science courses.

Minor in Political Science
Students minoring in political science are required to complete 21 credit hours, which include nine hours of core curriculum and 12 hours of approved electives in political science courses.

Minor in Pre-Law
Students minoring in pre-law are required to complete 18 credit hours, including 12 hours of prescribed core courses and six hours of approved electives from at least two disciplines.

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Political Science MajorStudents must take the core curriculum plus additional requirements for one of two concentrations

Required Major Courses – 24 hoursMajors will also develop a serious acceptance of the obligations of citizenship.
POL – 100American Political Systems (3 cr.)
POL – 200Law and Society (3 cr.)
POL – 203American Public Policy (3 cr.)
POL – 204Comparative Politics (3 cr.)
POL – 210International Politics (3 cr.)
POL – 205Political Ideas Seminar (3 cr.)
POL – 334Research Design and Methods (3 cr.)
POL – 380Political Science Internship (3 cr.)
POL – 498Honors Thesis in Political Studies (3 cr.)
POL – 499Senior Research (3 cr.)
POL – 480Advanced Fieldwork (3 cr.)
12 credit hours in elective courses from at least two different sub fields in Political Science

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

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