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April 2021

Meredith College Stone Column at front entrance of the college

With decreasing COVID-19 cases and an increasing number of people being vaccinated, Meredith College is planning to return to a more normal state of operations for fall semester 2021. Here is what students and their families can expect in the fall.

Summer School at Meredith

After a tough year, you and your student may be wondering if summer school is the right choice. While every student has to consider her own personal situation and needs, here are a few reasons it might make sense to take a course or two this summer at Meredith.

Johnson Hall in the Fall season

As the end of the academic year approaches, we hope your students will enjoy a break from classes and take time to rest, rejuvenate, and celebrate the success of completing a year that presented many challenges!

Johnson Hall Front Drive and Heck Fountain

A new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) at Meredith will focus on a student success initiative known as Plan & Finish. The QEP was developed as a standard part of the SACS reaccreditation process. Plan & Finish will feature success coaches who will serve as mentors to help students connect with campus resources and develop transferable skills such as resilience, time management, networking, and goal setting.

New Communications and Sport Science Building

The Meredith College Board of Trustees has reaffirmed the decision to begin construction on a new academic building that will house two of Meredith’s growing programs: communication and exercise and sports science. The new building project was paused in 2020 because of the pandemic.

Armillary in front of Johnson Hall

The Meredith Fund Office held a special Meredith Family Event for grandparents, parents, and special family members on March 25, 2021. The event gave families a chance to connect with the College, hear highlights from the year, and learn about the history and traditions of Meredith.